Lakes Area MOPS

MOPS Policies

Yep. Policies. Boring, but necessary. Please read and if you have any questions or concerns with any of our policies, please don’t hesitate to let the coordinator know.

Lakes Area MOPS Policies:

1. MOPS is offered for mothers of preschool age children (from birth through kindergarten) and for pregnant women. The MOPS program is specifically designed to meet the needs of women during this particular life stage.
2. Cost of MOPS Membership
$23.95 is needed for a year of MOPS International membership. This organization provides resources for MOPS groups everywhere ($28.95 for mentors).
3. MOPS participants are encouraged to attend the full meeting to enable the full benefit offered by the program and to avoid disrupting the focus of the other MOPS participants and MOPPETS program.
4. MOPS meetings are intended to be ‘free time’ for moms. Therefore, we ask that all children over the age of 8 weeks be registered in the MOPPETS program. If your infant is sleeping or you will need to nurse during that time, you may keep your infant with you or walk with him/her in the back of the room. If a child is in the meeting room with you, please be considerate by taking him/her out if he/she is being distractive, crying or needing to be changed.
5. MOPPETS is the childcare that is provided for the children of mothers attending the MOPS program. If you are unable to attend a scheduled MOPS meeting, please notify a MOPPETS Team Leader for child care purposes. If you are absent for two consecutive sessions, you will be contacted to determine your intentions concerning your continuation with MOPS. This is very important for the scheduling of MOPPETS workers for your children.
6. MOPS will be cancelled if District 206 (Alexandria Public Schools) are announced to have a late start.
7. Day Care Policy:
• All day care moms registering with day care children must themselves be a mother of preschoolers.
• If there is more than one day care child, the Steering Team will consider this registration by reviewing the age levels of the children and existing class sizes.
• The day care mom must donate her fee for the two hours to the MOPPETS program.
8. Steering Team Leader GUIDELINES
There is no automatic succession in the replacement of Steering Team Leaders. Before each year, the Steering Team will look for the person they feel will best fill the position and after prayer and discussion, the Steering Team will nominate a person to fill the position. Each woman accepting a position as a Steering Team Leader needs to be a Christian and agree to the MOPS International Faith Position Statement and ministry values (see back). Holding your position for a full year is encouraged.

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