Lakes Area MOPS

MOPPETS Policies

Again, boring but necessary. If you have any questions or concerns with our policies, please let the coordinator know.

The MOPPETS ministry:
• Provides loving, quality care for each child. Mothers are most vulnerable where their children are concerned and this ministry is an excellent witness of Christ’s love.
• Teaches the Bible. MOPPETS programs can provide simple Bible stories or more complex programs that resemble Sunday School. For children too young for a structured program, MOPPETS can demonstrate Jesus’ love whenever possible.

Lakes Area MOPPETS Policies:

1. STOP if your child has had fever, vomiting, diarrhea or anything other than a clear nose in the past 24 hours. Sick children will NOT be allowed in MOPPETS. You will be notified to pick up your child immediately if he or she becomes ill during the session.
2. Children should be picked up PROMPTLY when the MOPS meeting ends. Even the most well adjusted child can become fearful or anxious if he or she is left after the other children have gone.
3. No medication of any kind, not even Tylenol, will be given by any worker. If a child must be given medication, it must be kept by the parent until needed and administered by the parent.
4. Bottles brought by parents will be given according to parent’s instructions. Please LABEL.
5. Bring sufficient disposable diapers. No cloth diapers, please. Please notify MOPPETS workers if your child is toilet training. Supply a complete change of clothing, just in case. See #13.
6. Children will wash hands or use sanitizer before sitting at the child sized table. A small prayer will be said before the meal and children must remain sitting until their snack is finished. Please notify a MOPPETS worker if your child has any food allergies.
7. Mothers should refrain from checking on their children during the meetings. It can be upsetting to children to see people come and go. Mother will be notified immediately if they are needed.
8. With exception to nursing babies, children should remain in the MOPPETS space as assigned. Space will be determined by number of children in specific age groups and may be adjusted.
If a child is uncooperative or disobedient, the MOPPETS workers will set the child on a chair apart from the rest of the children. The ‘time-out’ should last one minute per the child’s age (i.e. a two year old will sit for 2 minutes, a five year old for 5 minutes). Two ‘time-outs’ in one session results in telling the mother. Continuous inappropriate behavior will result in asking the mom to keep the child home for a session.
Children who are homeschooled are welcome to join the MOPPETS program as helpers. They can play with the children, help distribute snacks and keep children on task during structured time.  The homeschool helper can be placed (or moved) according to what the Steering Team feels would be the best fit. After four sessions, the MOPPETS Team Leader will evaluate how well the situation is working. If it is not working, we will ask that you try to find other arrangements for your school age child.
• A ratio of 5 children to 1 adult is required. An adult is defined at 16 years or older.
• After each MOPS meeting, the nursery must be clean. This includes putting away toys, taking out garbage, wiping up tables and counters with disinfectant and washing any dishes used.
• Volunteers are expected to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.
• Volunteers are expected to watch a child safety video (45 minutes). Contact the  MOPPETS Coordinator to schedule a time.
• Observe to two-adult rule. This requires that adults are never in an isolated setting with children without another adult present.
• Always make certain that touch is age-appropriate and for the purpose of edifying and uplifting. Secret touching is never allowed.
• All children will have their diapers changed as necessary.
• Hands should be sanitized before changing the diaper. Diapers must be changed on the changing table in clear vision from the check-in/check-out counter. Dirty diapers should be put in a ziploc bag and then thrown in the trash can. Sanitize the changing table and your hands when finished.
• Toilet training toddlers should be asked several times if they need to use the bathroom.
Tips: Young children may need assistance with their clothes, getting on/off the toilet, or adjusting the water temperature in the sink. Try to teach the child how to help themselves as much as possible. When appropriate, use the hand-over-hand method. This technique enables you to place your hands over the child’s hands in helping with fastening clothes, wiping skin etc. Spend as little time in the bathroom as possible. The adults should rotate this responsibility, so the same person is not taking the children all the time. Use proper language, but language the child can understand.

Lakes Area MOPPETS Check-in Procedures

• Each child must be written on the sign-in sheet, a name tag put on the back of the child including special instructions, the parent is given a numbered pager and the child’s belongings are placed in bin with the same number.

• For the safety of the children, only MOPPETS workers are allowed through the half-doors during the check-in/check-out times. Please wait for them to let your child in or out.

• At check-out, the pager is to be returned and the child is given to the parent, making sure that any of their belongings are returned at the same time.

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