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September 2012 Newsletter

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Welcome to Lakes Area MOPS! I’m so glad that despite your busy schedule, you have chosen to come alongside other moms, so we can build each other up as women, as mothers, friends and as leaders.

Moms have so many choices: work, stay home, public or home school, and many battle with the whole quality vs. quantity of time spent with their children. This fall brings our first ever evening MOPS meeting. I’m hopeful that this can help us bridge the gaps between the “working” moms and “stay-at-home” moms. We have different situations, different kids, different stressors; but we all desire to be the best moms we can be.

Proverbs 8:10 instructs us to “Choose discipline over silver and knowledge over the finest gold.” You are making an investment in yourself, your family and your relationships by choosing to be part of the mothering community we call MOPS.

— A word from Steph
Steph Tvrdik, MOPS Coordinator

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